The Talhado Steel and Marimba Band


The Haven’s Marimba Band is a group of talented youngsters that perform at various functions throughout the area. It is a very successful project that inspires many of the children and grants them an opportunity to do something that would, under normal circumstances, have been impossible. The instruments were kindly sponsored by a Johannesburg Businessman.

Brand practices are held at the hired “lock-up” garage where the trailer carrying the instruments is stored.

The instruments on which the musicians play include a baritone marimba, tenor marimba, two soprano marimbas, 3 steel pans and a selection of African drums.

The band plays at the St Francis Bay morning market on the last Saturday of each month. They play at weddings and other local events including the annual Nautical Festival at the Port in St Francis.

The fee that is earned by the band for any function goes towards the band’s costs with a portion being divided between the band members providing a small but precious pocket money for each of them.

To book the band for your next function call Lesley Moore on 082 556 1050.