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Learning vital skillsTalhado Children’s Haven was started to address the needs of disadvantaged children in the area of St Francis Bay.
Pre-primary education and a safe place to play, under adult care, where needed.

Talhado Children’s Haven now provides both for over 400 children, many of whom are victims of HIV/Aids, molestation, neglect and substance abuse.

120 children attend the pre-primary school with six teachers, a librarian for the new media centre, a cook and a cleaner as well as numerous volunteers for the After-Care Centre. These children each receive a porridge breakfast and a cooked lunch.

Over 300 children enjoy the Media Centre in the afternoons, where they can do their homework using the school computer with Internet access. Children waiting their turn on a computer occupy their time playing board games, reading or building puzzles.

The school boasts 16 computers for the children to play and learn on under supervision. The computers are tremendously popular with children of all ages and have become the most sought after attraction.

The Media Centre is run by a librarian and a computer teacher, both members of the Sea Vista community along with volunteers.

All the fundraising for the Haven is done on a voluntary basis.

There are a growing number of children affected and infected by the Aids pandemic and dire poverty. There is the subsequent increase in child and substance abuse. The situation is critical.

The Haven receives a subsidy from Talhado Fishing Enterprises and relies on other donations to keep its doors open to these children.

Talhado Children's Haven