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Headmistress Roseline Goede with Chamel Malgas school secretary
Headmistress Roseline Goede with Chamel Malgas school secretary

Thanks to the generous regular funding from the Talhado Fishing Enterprises, it was possible to start the Talhado Pre-Primary school which is now the feeder school for Sea Vista Primary School, in St Francis Bay and Mzingizi Primary School in Humansdorp.
There is now a yearly intake of around 120 children.
Ms Roseline Goede is the headmistress and teacher for the school. She started at the school when it opened in 2000 as its first and only teacher.

There are now six qualified teachers. They are :

Ms Amorita May – Grade R Afrikaans

Ms Sylvia Bunu – Grade 00 Xhosa

Ms Monika Mshilita – Grade 00 Afrikaans and Khosa

Mrs Virginia Brown – Grade 00 and Grade R Montessori Afrikaans

Ms Lorika Coetzer – Grade 00 Montessori Xhosa

Ms Goede, Ms Mshilita and Ms Bunu have each been with the school for more than ten years!
The School secretary, Chamel Malgas doubles as the school’s computer teacher.

All children attending the pre-primary school must be registered and parents are asked to contribute fees of R300.00 per year.

The children are required to wear a school uniform which consists of a white shirt and grey trousers for boys and a white shirt and grey skirt for girls. The parents are required to provide these uniforms, but the Haven very often assists those who simply cannot afford to do so. Each child is also presented with a Blue Talhado Pre-Primary School cap on admission to the school

In addition, parents are expected to take part in each term’s fundraising activity. The funds raised from these projects go toward school running costs and the end-of-year outing for the all the school’s children.

Talhado Children's Haven