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Just in time for the World Cup in Brazil, hard working Zukisani Budaza at last managed to claim his very own pair of soccer “togs”. He was one of 106 children who exchanged their recycling collection for mulas to spend in the Rotary Recycle Swap Shop last Friday.

Unfortunately Jade Jantjies wasn’t so lucky. He has saved enough points for a bicycle for his 6 year old sister but we still haven’t managed to find one for him. Please keep eyes and ears peeled for anyone who might be prepared to donate a suitable bike.

The broader St Francis community have really thrown their support behind our project and it is really heart warming to see how the children are responding. Here are some notes to keep in mind :

Recycling must be sorted into the four categories – plastic, tin, glass and paper/cardboard. Some children are bringing donated household recycling which has not been sorted and they are then penalised. They either have to take their collection away to sort and come back another day or they move to the side and have to sort it on site with the help of a volunteer. Please ensure that whatever you donate is sorted beforehand or that the recipient fully understands that it needs to be sorted before it can be accepted.

Each child’s collection is weighed with points allocated for each category. That is the reason why we must insist that it is sorted appropriately.

Unfortunately our recycling partner Enviroman is not in a position to accept polystyrene so until further notice this must be discarded with your municipal waste. 

Many folks are confused about Tetrapak cartons (for milk and fruit juices). These are recyclable and should if possible be packed separately. Tetrapak is classed as cardboard and not plastic.

We have recently noted some generous folk arriving on recycle afternoon and handing out bags of recycling to waiting children. Whilst this is a very nice gesture, it is defeating the object of the project which is to work towards self sufficiency and develop entrepreneurial spirit in our youngsters. We do not want to encourage youngsters to hang about the project hoping for donations or even worse – begging.

The public are welcome to bring their recycling up to the project. A volunteer is always stationed at the gate and will ensure that this is sent for weighing and allocated to the “house” account. Your collection still assists the project in that it boosts our overall weight and income from Enviroman which all goes to stocking the shop.

The next Rotary Recycle Swap Shop takes place on July 4th (weather permitting!)

On behalf of all of us at Rotary, our volunteers and the children of Sea Vista thank you everyone for your support!


Talhado Children's Haven