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Computer Classes for adults are now being offered at the Talhado Children’s Haven Media Centre and the first courses are already completely booked out. The classes which commenced this month are being taught by Jethro Cadman of Compuink and students can choose to attend on either a Monday and Wednesday evening or on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 17.30 to 18.30. The course allows beginners to learn how computers work and how to operate them, including Xcel, Word, Powerpoint and Internet/e-mail. The two month course costs R500 per student and the next course will begin in February next year. Bookings for the next course are now being taken by Amanda Hansen 
on 0749759108.

The Sea Vista soup kitchen officially opened yesterday - Mandela Day. To celebrate the children came to the kitchen after school to do their 67 minutes for charity. They were each handed a black bag in which to collect litter. Once their bags were full the children returned to the soup kitchen for a delicious pizza treat prepared by our soup kitchen team. A very big vote of thanks must go to Carol Horlock of Pizza@167 for donating the bases. Pizza is such a treat for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Dear Friends

Another year has passed and we are busying ourselves for what is promising to be a very exciting year ahead for us at the Haven.

2015 has proven to be a year for many changes and developments at the Haven

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Talhado's annual outing. This year we went to Knysna elephant Park. The functions we had during the year covered most of our expenses. A big thanks to our parents for your support throughout this year you've made this possible for our kids. Thank you to our management for your contribution aswell. And my colleagues you guys rock. They also had KFC for lunch, ice cream from wimpy and received a goodie bag to took home.Read More

Finally a very proud moment for Muneerah and Moegamat Madatt when their son Yaseem was awarded Best learner for 2015. Yaseem will attend Sea Vista Primary School next year. Congratulations to the Madatt family!

Graduation 2015 was a superb evening - despite the rain necessitating the event to be moved to the Congregational Church at the last minute. It was so well rehearsed and organised - well done to all the teachers, staff and children! Here are some photos of the various classes entertaining the audience

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St Francis Bay and Sea Vista residents were well represented at the inauguration of the Kouga Wind Farm in Oyster Bay, on Friday September 4th.
The Talhado Children’s Haven pre-primary school kiddies “Marched to Jerusalem” carrying a cheery banner in the red and white Kouga Wind Farm corporate colours. They circled the wind tower and sang along with the Talhado Haven Steel Band entertaining all the VIP guests and dignitaries which included the MEC for Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism Honourable Sakhumzi Somyo and the Honorable Mayor of Kouga Region, Mrs Daphne Kettledas.
Well done children and staff for a super show and making us all really proud of our special little school!!

Little Mivuyo Zono and Sinexolo Sotafile had the privilege of playing with the two new Missdela dolls in the media centre with librarian Leigh-Ann Mofu who read the story of Missdela to the girls.
The story goes that Missdela (named after Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela) lives in a rural village with her grandmother who teaches her honesty, hard work and obedience. Missdela also learns Respect for Self, Others and the Environment. She loves listening to stories on the radio and reading books. Missdela also sings the Thula Thula song.
Leigh-Ann is using these lovely dolls to help her teach the Haven’s little girls to love and respect themselves and each other.

Our 2nd term function , a Bingo, was a huge success. With the loyal support of parents and our hardworking teachers. We've had 24 prizes for the event, which were won by lucky parents, there were a few where luck were on their side and they've grab up more than 2 prizes. We have raised R3980, and the money raised each term goes to our annual outing at the end of the year. Not many of our kids have the privilege to go out of town (Sea Vista), and I wish you could see the excitement on their faces when we enter Humansdorp We are really trying to create opportunities for our learners. Our Mission: RATHER BUILD THE CHILD THAN REPAIR THE ADULT.

Thank you so much for the continued support of the FOSTER Outreach programme.
On Last week's outing, the children were receptive and well-behaved and teachers were marvellous.
In all, 212 learners, 11 educators and 10 adults participated in 9 excursions since the beginning of 2015.
I am sending you some photo's. If you want any more, please just let me know.
Thanks and kind regards,
Lilian Baker, FOSTER

Thank you Lilian and FOSTER for what you do for our environment and a big thanks to Little Venice for supplying transport.

Meet young Leigh-Ann Mofu who is our new librarian now running the Talhado Children's Haven media centre in the afternoons. Leigh-Ann who lives in Sea Vista, has a Certificate in Business Management and is presently studying on-line to become a qualified librarian. Welcome Leigh-Ann!

These two young men are happily "giving back" to the Haven, where they both played in the steel band until they left school. Llewellyn Baadjies works in the media centre at the Haven and teaches the children to use the computers. Dean Kalo now coaches the steel band at the Haven. He also teaches boys on a Monday and Wednesday and girls on a Tuesday and Thursday to play. Under Dean's new management, the steel band now includes boys AND girls and is called "The Solid Rock Steel Band". Both these young men are paid a small wage so that they can contribute to their board and lodging at home.

A wonderful day's outing was enjoyed by Teacher Amorita May's Grade R Afrikaans class last week. The children were treated by Lilian Baker and the FOSTER team to an informative walk on the wild side finishing up with a visit to the SANCCOB Penguin Rehabilitation centre. A big adventure for these learners. A big thank you to Little Venice Adventures for sponsoring the bus which transported all the children to and from Cape St Francis.Read More

Wednesday 21st January was the first day back at school for all the children of Sea Vista but for 16 brand new learners at Talhado Children’s Haven it was a very special day indeed.

These children are the first intake in the Xhosa Montessori class at the Haven. Their Grade 00 teacher, Laureka Coetser is the second teacher at the Haven to qualify as a Montessori Teacher through the North American Montessori Center. The first teacher to qualify in 2013 was Virginia Brown who teaches in Afrikaans and who will now be teaching her second intake of pre-schoolers.

“I am so grateful to the Haven for this opportunity and to our mentor, Cathryn Hempel for finding a sponsor for me to take this course,” said Coetser. “I am really excited and looking forward to my first year in the Montessori classroom. It is wonderful to know that I will be making a real difference in the lives of these little learners.”

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Compliments of the Season from the Rotary Recycle Swap Shop in St Francis!

The last recycle swap shop took place last Friday (December 5th) at Talhado Children’s Haven in Sea Vista, and as always at the end of the year, we awarded three special prizes.

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Wishing our Founder and tireless administrator, Lesley Moore a very happy 70th birthday. Lesley celebrated with the staff and children at the Haven this morning - one of her favourite places to be !

A special gift from staff, children and friends to say thank you Lesley for everything you have strived to achieve


A huge thank you and congratulations on an amazing effort to the Ukupha Mum's Group of St Francis for putting togetehr all of these wonderful Santa Surprises for all of our children.


The Talhado Children's Haven annual fundraising Mr and Miss Haven Fashion Show took place on Friday September 5th at the Sea Vista Community Hall. The event was organised by the teachers and parents and was enthusiastically attended by many friends and family members. And the winners were .....

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Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, Tom Roux arrives at the Haven and gathers up the after care boys for some rugby coaching! He has his work cut out for him with this exuberant class! Tom, who the older boys call "Oupie", also teaches ball skills to the Haven's pre-primary learners. A big thanks to Tom for volunteering his time.


The new media centre is such a success! The after care children squeeze themselves into this room to get a chance to work on the computers, play board games, build puzzles or read books. Sea Vista residents Llewellyn Baatjies assisted by Jerome Fredericks monitor the children, helping them with the computers and generally keeping order. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen - the media centre could do with being three times its size!!Read More


Reading and computer classes. Click read more for more imagesRead More

The Rotary Recycle Swap Shop project took place on Friday August 8th despite the threat of rain. 66 Sea Vista children took the opportunity to have their recycling weighed for a chance to exchange their mulas in our shop.

We had two young volunteers from Woodridge join us to do some community project time.

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The Youth Development Programme (or Youth Club) as it is becoming known, is being held once a month at Talhado Children’s Haven with the aim of providing positive and instructive fun afternoons for the Sea Vista children. The children who attend range in age from 8 to 15.

Very few of these children have ever had any exposure to board games and as we all know how useful these games can be in developing cognitive skills and in assisting mathematical understanding we would like to introduce these to our afternoon’s activities.

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Just in time for the World Cup in Brazil, hard working Zukisani Budaza at last managed to claim his very own pair of soccer “togs”. He was one of 106 children who exchanged their recycling collection for mulas to spend in the Rotary Recycle Swap Shop last Friday.

Unfortunately Jade Jantjies wasn’t so lucky. He has saved enough points for a bicycle for his 6 year old sister but we still haven’t managed to find one for him. Please keep eyes and ears peeled for anyone who might be prepared to donate a suitable bike.

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Lesley Moore thanks Keith Lester, Williams Hunt Humansdorp, Mr Ian Nicol, Vice President of General Motors and Colin Cowie, chairman of GM Childlife for the new classroom.


Talhado Children’s Haven pre-primary school and after care facility in Sea Vista is looking to establish youth development programmes as well as drug and alcohol abuse counselling. To this end they are appealing for help with funding to establish suitable and sustainable programmes. 


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